Females in Aviation, Past & Present

Retired corporate pilot, Karen Hawkins, interviews women from various aspects of aviation, be it private pilots, flight instructors, corporate pilots, airline pilots, astronauts, stunt pilots, military pilots, WASPS, air racers, bush pilots, helicopter pilots, crop dusters, air-traffic controllers, mechanics, dispatchers, aeronautical engineers and any other aviation professionals that come under the radar. Hear about the obstacle and successes of various women. Learn how they balance career with family, manage flying while pregnant or nursing, overcome gender/racial bias. Watch for news about female aviator groups, flying scholarships and tips for fun flying adventures!
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Dec 19, 2015

ISWAP, an organization for Part-121 women airline pilots, welcomes new members to join in the camaraderie of their group with a conference that convenes annually. Meeting destinations alternate between a U.S. location and an international location.

In addition to fun activities and professional sharing, the group uses this event as a fundraiser for their amazing scholarship fund.

If you are an aspiring airline pilot, tune into this podcast for information on how to apply for type-rating and multi-engine-instructor scholarships. 

Nov 22, 2015

Debbie Travis King shares the events that led her to become the first woman to fly B29s since the two WASPs who flew them during WWII.  Hear the amusing story of how and why Brigadier General Paul Tibbets came to select two women--Didi Moorman and Dora Dougherty--to fly the B29.  Its a story you won't want to miss!

Additionally, Debbie offers anecdotes and inspiration for ladies working on an aviation well as an overview of how the COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE honors our military veterans.

Nov 12, 2015

Is flight instructing a viable career option...or merely a stepping stone to other pilot positions? What might be done to generate more respect--and income--for the professional flight instructor. Lara Gaerte, instructor at Century Aviation at DeKalb County Airport in Auburn Indiana, gives her candid opinion, as well as sharing helpful instructing tips garnered in her many years of instructing.

Oct 23, 2015

In this candid discussion, Fatima shares her experiences of being in the non-traditional roll of supervising men in the Pakistani Air Force and explains how that experience brought her to come to the United States to learn to fly.  Through her own fortitude, and with the help of a loving and supportive mother, Fatima is now a First Officer with Express Jet.

Oct 17, 2015

Learn about the history and on-going mission of this unique museum. Hear about some unusual exhibits as well as some amazing out-reach programs. This wonderful museum is not limited to female pilots; it also features exhibits and information on female air traffic controllers, mechanics and flight attendants.  Additionally, it houses exhibits on female astronauts...from the acclaimed recent astronauts to the lesser known Mercury-13 who were tested and trained long ago but never permitted to participate in missions.  Special events and out-reach programs are also in a class of their own...a mother-daughter Aviation Summer Camp is just one example. 

IWASM is dedicated to preserving the history of women in aviation from the earliest accomplishments to the modern-day achievements.  Consider supporting this FREE museum by becoming a member, donating memorabilia or making a cash donation.

Oct 5, 2015

Lighten up and get ready to chuckle as 17 Ladies--and one young boy--share amusing stories about kids' perspectives on female pilots! Aviation humor that's sure to elicit a laugh.

Sep 22, 2015

Think you need to be some kind of super-being to succeed as a military pilot?  Think again!  Listen in as Susan, a Motivator Extraordinaire, convinces you that you CAN do it!  Whether you are just dreaming of a flying career, or in the midst of one and struggling with confidence issues, Susan just might have the answers. 

Sep 13, 2015

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a Bush Pilot, you won't want to miss this interview with Heather Ford as she tells her amazing story about flying the Australian Outback.

Sep 3, 2015

Delta pilot Helena Reidemar is the first woman in history to receive ALPA's highest honor, the AIR SAFETY AWARD. All will be inspired by her amazing story.  Aspiring female pilots will learn how to save thousands of dollars on flight training expenses.  Pilot moms will be comforted to hear how their hard work and time away from home actually motivates their children. This podcast includes Helena's beautiful, much-talked-about acceptance speech!

Aug 26, 2015

Women In Aviation International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing networking, education, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women (and men) who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. Hear about their amazing scholarships in myriad aviaition-related fields and learn how to apply.

Also, check out the upcoming (Sept. 26, 2015) WAI-sponsored GIRLS IN AVIATION DAY wherein local Women In Aviation International chapters will be sponsoring events to bring all of the passion, exploration, learning and excitement of aviation and aerospace to girls worldwide.  Learn how to locate an event near you!

Aug 18, 2015

Women In Corporate Aviation Organization has 10 scholarships and, as of this interview, fewer than that number of applicants. In this podcast, Stacey Kotrla describes each scholarship in detail.  There scholarships for pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers, mechanics and management. Advancing pilots...imagine beefing up your resume with a CJ3 Type Rating, a $22,000 scholarship from CAE SimuFlite!  Hey GUYS...don't let the name fool you...WCA runs an equal-opportunity scholarship fund.  These scholarships are not gender restricted.  ACT FAST...the application deadline is August 30!  If you are reading this after the deadline, you are NOT too late as WCA offers a new round of scholarships every 6 months!

Aug 12, 2015

Jacque Boyd, long time Ninety-Nine member and co-chair of the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund, tells you everything you need to know to become a member and qualify for amazing scholarships and mentoring. Even student pilots shouldn't wait to join as they can qualify for scholarships too! There is also funding for non-pilots doing research in an applicable field. Don't wait to listen and join!

Aug 5, 2015

Mary Latimer is a woman who, when she didn't like the ratio of male-to-female pilots in the world, put together a plan and did something about it.  She established GIFT Academy...a place where females can get a week of FREE flight instruction--you pay only a nominal fee for aircraft and fuel--in the company of other girls and women.  The academy is a family affair in which Mary's pilot-daughter, Tamara, and pilot-grand-daughter, Amanda, also participate.  If you are a gal who simply wants to conquer your fear-of-flying, GIFT Academy can help with that, too!  If you are unable to attend GIFT Academy, know that Mary and Tamara will both, very generously, give you free mentoring via phone or email.

All the information you need is in this podcast.  Let Mary's multi-faceted aviation career as an Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Instructor, Corporate Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and Pilot Examiner be the inspiration for your success!

Jul 29, 2015

In this interview with Juliet Grant Lindrooth, whose heart beats to the tune of an aircraft engine, learn how to have a successful career as an airline pilot and still raise your own children.  Hear about an aspect of retirement planning you may have overlooked.  And know that there is hope for bouncing back from the loss of your FAA medical...even after 8 years!

Jul 17, 2015

Embry Riddle graduate, Melinda Walton, paid her dues with years of flight instructing before moving into the airlines.  Furloughed just after the 911 downturn, this stay-at-home mom was faced with the toughest decision of her life when she got the call-back six years later.  Melinda now flies scenic tours of the Adirondacks and of the Lake Placid Winter Olympic venues out of Lake Placid Airport.  When stepping into a small plane with Melinda, few would guess that they were, not only in the skilled hands of an experienced airline pilot, but also in the presence of a pilot who has flown royalty!

Jul 13, 2015

How does a military, Dental Hygentist--who never gave a thought to becoming a pilot--wind up behind the controls of an EMS Helicopter?  How did she manage the roadblocks related to both gender and racial discrimination? Hear about a day in the life of Ife Caldwell and how she balances her impressive career with her most important job of all...motherhood!

Jul 9, 2015

In this inaugural episode retired corporate pilot, Karen Hawkins, interviews current corporate pilot Wendy Bradbury-Paver. Learn about the joys and pitfalls of women in corporate aviation, what has changed in twenty years...and what has not.  Hear how one woman deals with the gender issues encountered and how she balances career and family life.