Females in Aviation, Past & Present

Retired corporate pilot, Karen Hawkins, interviews women from various aspects of aviation, be it private pilots, flight instructors, corporate pilots, airline pilots, astronauts, stunt pilots, military pilots, WASPS, air racers, bush pilots, helicopter pilots, crop dusters, air-traffic controllers, mechanics, dispatchers, aeronautical engineers and any other aviation professionals that come under the radar. Hear about the obstacle and successes of various women. Learn how they balance career with family, manage flying while pregnant or nursing, overcome gender/racial bias. Watch for news about female aviator groups, flying scholarships and tips for fun flying adventures!
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Females in Aviation, Past & Present



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Jan 5, 2016

Casey Grant, who served 35 years with Delta Airlines, was among the first of the African-American flight attendants.  In this interview, she shares a sampling of the trials and tribulations that were endured, the trails that were blazed and the bridges that were built. She also tells us how to obtain her book "Stars in the Sky" to get the full story about these amazing flight attendants as well as other African American/Black "firsts" in aviation.

Nov 22, 2015

Debbie Travis King shares the events that led her to become the first woman to fly B29s since the two WASPs who flew them during WWII.  Hear the amusing story of how and why Brigadier General Paul Tibbets came to select two women--Didi Moorman and Dora Dougherty--to fly the B29.  Its a story you won't want to miss!

Additionally, Debbie offers anecdotes and inspiration for ladies working on an aviation well as an overview of how the COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE honors our military veterans.

Oct 17, 2015

Learn about the history and on-going mission of this unique museum. Hear about some unusual exhibits as well as some amazing out-reach programs. This wonderful museum is not limited to female pilots; it also features exhibits and information on female air traffic controllers, mechanics and flight attendants.  Additionally, it houses exhibits on female astronauts...from the acclaimed recent astronauts to the lesser known Mercury-13 who were tested and trained long ago but never permitted to participate in missions.  Special events and out-reach programs are also in a class of their own...a mother-daughter Aviation Summer Camp is just one example. 

IWASM is dedicated to preserving the history of women in aviation from the earliest accomplishments to the modern-day achievements.  Consider supporting this FREE museum by becoming a member, donating memorabilia or making a cash donation.